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We offer many services, and we are emergency dentists too:

Restorative: If you lose tooth structure from dental decay, cavities, fractured cusps, abrasion of acid erosion, you will require dental treatment to “restore” your tooth. At Admirals Walk Dental, Dr. Nelson and staff will take the time to explain what has caused the problem with your tooth and how it can be fixed.  Restorative options typically include fillings, inlays, onlays or full coverage dental crowns.  The staff at Admirals Walk Dental will help you determine which is restorative option is best for you.

Emergency Dentists Victoria: An emergency dentist can help you with issues such as if you lose a filling, if a crown or bridge falls off, if you knock out a tooth or if you chip a tooth. Contact us for emergency dentist services in Victoria BC. We are conveniently located for clients in Victoria, Saanich, View Royal, Colwood and Langford.

Local Anesthesia (Freezing): The vast majority of patients that we see in the office tell us that they don’t mind the dental procedures, but they hate needles.  We understand this.  At Admirals Walk Dental, we take every possible step to ensure the comfort of our patients.  Prior to the injection, a numbing gel (topical anesthetic) is placed on the gum tissue to decrease the pinch felt during the injection.  The local anesthetic is warmed to body temperature and then gently delivered at the injection site.  The dentist or hygienist will then leave the patient to relax for 5- 10 mins as the numbing sets in.  If at any point during the procedure the patient is uncomfortable, the dentist will immediately stop and administer additional local anesthetic.

Root Canal Therapy: For most patients, hearing the words “root canal” immediately causes concern and worry. The majority of times that a tooth requires root canal therapy, the tooth has already been causing the patient some discomfort.  This can be pain on biting, increased sensitivity to hot and cold and the tooth aching during the night.  When a patient comes to Admirals Walk Dental with this type of pain, our immediate concern is to get the patient out of pain.  From the patient’s perspective, root canal therapy is very similar to a filling, it just takes a bit longer.  Just like a filling appointment- Dr. Nelson will move the chair back, make the tooth numb, place a rubber dam and perform the procedure.  Depending on the degree of infection, a root canal appointment may take more then one office visit.

Extractions: Occasionally Dr. Nelson will recommend that a tooth should be extracted.  The majority of times it is because the tooth is unrestoreable- acute dental abscess, root decay, root fracture, etc.  Sometimes tooth extraction is recommended for Orthodontic reasons or to prevent future complications- wisdom teeth.

Dentistry for Children: Our main focus with all our patients is prevention of oral conditions, like tooth decay, and this is especially reflected in our approach to treating children.  For our youngest patients (12 months to 24 months) the focus or the visit is mostly on education of the parents and allowing the child to become familiar with the dental setting.  As children become more comfortable with the setting, the visits change from a quick look around to having their teeth cleaned by a prophy polish.  The focus always remains on education with the hope of establishing good oral hygiene habits for the future.  

Implants: Loss of a tooth or teeth can be quite difficult for a patient to accept and usually they want to have the tooth replaced.  One option that may be recommended is a dental implant, depending on several factors such as the area being restored and the quality of bone at the site.  At Admirals Walk Dental, we evaluate and discuss all the options for restoring loss of teeth, including dental implants.

Dentures/Partial Dentures: For some of our patients, they will select a denture or partial denture to replace numerous missing teeth.  Dr. Nelson will discuss the different options with our patients and help make decisions like whether a new denture is needed or a reline is a better option. 

Crown and Bridge: When patients select either a crown or a bridge as a restorative option, they can plan for at least two visits for completion of treatment.  On the first visit, the tooth (or teeth if it is a bridge or multiple crowns) is prepared for the crown and a detailed impression of the tooth is taken.  The patient will then have a temporary crown placed on the tooth.  The dental impression is then sent to a dental laboratory where the crown is fabricated.  On some occasions, we will recommend that the patient visits the dental laboratory for custom shading to ensure the crown will match the other teeth and look as natural as possible.  The second visit to our office will involve removing the temporary crown and cementing the crown from the dental laboratory.

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